Gnosis part 3

The worst part of being a wolf was the constant killing– any number of victims for a single meal, or just for fun. This is not something that sheep take to right off. The blood and whimpering, and the  cries for mercy slowly begin to strangle most, until one day a sheep finds he has changed into a wolf forever.

 A sheep in wolfs clothing can find himself in a pretty tight spot from time to time. The pack he was running with one day cornered a ewe and her twins against a rocky ledge. How she got separated from the band he never found out, for she was a prime ewe with two big lambs. It was a pitiful sight: two quick snaps and the lambs were gone; the ewe looking on in disbelief. Then it was her turn.

 One held her by the throat while another got her down and started to eat her udder while she was still alive (an old wolf trick, and their favorite delicacy). They shouted to him to lick up some of the blood that was gushing out of her throat, but he had to turn away, for he was a sheep, you know.

 FOR HE WAS A SHEEP YOU KNOW… there it was! He had come to a decision- or a decision had come to him, it did not matter now . Away off that rocky ledge he went, heedless of the slope and brush in the darkness. Away from that glint in the eye that said, “I am Death, and soon so shall you!”

 Off comes the wolf pelt; it was slowing him down; no where to go but away from where he had found himself. Guilt, sadness, and remorse filled his soul; his SHEEP soul. A soul now rejoicing in the vow that he would rather die a sheep than live a wolf. Oh that he could have taken the place of that poor ewe! But no- she was gone like so many others, with his hooves soaked in their blood. So die indeed he purposed to do, as he kept charging headlong down the mountain until collapsing in the late gloaming of a summer dawn.

The old wether shakes his head and stomps his foot, yet this next memory never fades, no matter how many times he visits it.

Over the far slope strode the Herder.
“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. Lets get back to the rest!”


About john spizziri

I am a retired rancher who sold his ranch after 30 years of cowboying, and now spend my days teaching high school in rural montana. I have a lovely wife of 35 years, and ffour grown children who have scattered to the four wings of the world. My family is all active members of the Catholic Church, and We are all Faithful, Evangelising followers of the Magesterium. My love for Our Lord and His Church has evolved into these feeble attempts at spreading the Good News. The rest of my life involves grandchildren, students, and when the time permits, mour horses. View all posts by john spizziri

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