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Crazy Like A Fox

How does one reconcile the past of Pope Francis with the present? A faithful son of the Church; passionate, loving, active, involved, and Orthodox: this is/was the past. Now we have the present; held up to us by those paragons of “Truth and Justice”, Modern Media. One can search his memory and come up with a glittering description of the media (albeit by a less than stellar representation of the human race, Spiro T. Agnew)- ” the nattering nabobs of negativity”. No description can be more apt in this instance. The negativity here being the dark sinister forces of well, THE Dark Sinister Force.

Pope Francis was going to dismantle first the Papacy and then the entire Catholic Church and reorganize it into not the Bride of Christ, but the “Hookup of Lucifer”. How in the world can a group of allegedly intelligent educated people such as the media volunteers to be come up with such conclusions based upon:

1. What the Pope actually says, and

2. What the Pope actually has done in the past?

We have discovered something important here, even though we may be too stupid to realize it. Pope Francis is NOT a reactionary iconoclast in the mold of Luther or Henry VIII. He is crazy perhaps in their minds; but in my own mind he is crazy like a fox. How else would someone in a position such as His deal with rebellion in the ranks of Clergy  Bishops and Cardinalate? Get it out in the sunlight where the faithful can see the rebellion in the clear light of the day in order to let it fully express itself; as well as find out who indeed rallies to the banner of revolt. If you wish to catch your prey, whatever it is… the best way is to set out some bait and lay a trap.

A festering sore has broken out in the open: Now it can be treated.

To sum up, Pope Francis has taken a page out of the book of one of the greatest combat generals who ever lived, Ulysses S. Grant. General Grant distilled centuries of battle philosophy down to four succinct principles:

Find your enemy as quick as you can.

Get as close to him as you can.

Hit him as hard as you can.

Move on.



IF A+A=2A;


Just recently I was explaining the importance of basic algebra to my students in one of my classes. Algebra is a critical set of concepts that we all take for granted in our daily lives; it involves a goodly dose of reason, combined with facts, integrating them with a set of doctrinal principles. These are all combined to approach certain truths that can be expressed over a wide spectrum of both mathematics and daily living. For instance, if we consider the above thesis, we can a safely assume that it is a consistent solution which can be applied across all reality, A and B being two distinct individual entities, such as; A=apples and B = alligators.

Consistent, Reasonable, Applicable, Rational; The very foundations of the scientific philosophies that undergird our civilization–Until now.

 Thanks to the abandonment of these foundations by political pressures, and the technically insane sociopathic ideals and behavior of current Western thought, we have a new paradigm to incorporate into this age old set of ideas.

IF A+A=2A, and B+B=2B;


 The consequences of this altered state of thought, while certainly destructive in the narrow application when it comes to homosexual “marriage”, is sure to complete the dissolution of the  foundations of present civilization- not just the keystone of the arch, which it is directed against.

 In closing, some paraphrased quotes from antiquity:

 “So, Mr. Franklin, what kind of government are we to have?”

 “A Republic, Madame- if you can keep it.”

  Thomas Jefferson; “Indeed I tremble for my country when I recognize that God is Just.”

 Lastly an ancient Chinese curse;

“May you live in interesting times.”