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IF A+A=2A;


Just recently I was explaining the importance of basic algebra to my students in one of my classes. Algebra is a critical set of concepts that we all take for granted in our daily lives; it involves a goodly dose of reason, combined with facts, integrating them with a set of doctrinal principles. These are all combined to approach certain truths that can be expressed over a wide spectrum of both mathematics and daily living. For instance, if we consider the above thesis, we can a safely assume that it is a consistent solution which can be applied across all reality, A and B being two distinct individual entities, such as; A=apples and B = alligators.

Consistent, Reasonable, Applicable, Rational; The very foundations of the scientific philosophies that undergird our civilization–Until now.

 Thanks to the abandonment of these foundations by political pressures, and the technically insane sociopathic ideals and behavior of current Western thought, we have a new paradigm to incorporate into this age old set of ideas.

IF A+A=2A, and B+B=2B;


 The consequences of this altered state of thought, while certainly destructive in the narrow application when it comes to homosexual “marriage”, is sure to complete the dissolution of the  foundations of present civilization- not just the keystone of the arch, which it is directed against.

 In closing, some paraphrased quotes from antiquity:

 “So, Mr. Franklin, what kind of government are we to have?”

 “A Republic, Madame- if you can keep it.”

  Thomas Jefferson; “Indeed I tremble for my country when I recognize that God is Just.”

 Lastly an ancient Chinese curse;

“May you live in interesting times.”


The Harder Road

“Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loves the Church”
Women make the best nurturers, as history proves; love comes more naturally to them, as it is an essential part of their nature. Males from early on and inherent to their nature is obedience. Teams, clubs, associations- all part and parcel of the male bonding experience, are the very essence of learning to defer to others; then there is the most extreme form of obedience, war. Men are formed (or should be) by obeying others, for a cause greater them themselves, as women are formed by love for the same reason- two traits linked by the same result; as two divergent trails come together at the same destination- sacrifice.

It is no wonder then that when Saint Paul lays out the prescription for married life, he takes these two traits and transposes them on to the opposite sexes. Women, formed by love, are called to obedience, while men, formed by obedience, are commanded to love. The very opposite of what is natural for both of them, yet each are required to stretch themselves further in their lives. This causes stresses within their sacramental vocation to strive for the character traits that are not necessarily second nature to them. The result, if accomplished takes two persons and merges them into “one flesh”, as Carbon and Iron are forged in the fire to create Steel.
Those called to obey are asked to subject themselves to another for the good of not just a physical, but a mystical union; while the other is called to love- even unto death- for the same purpose. Who can truly state that one expectation is more difficult than the other? For each nature, male and/or female, the requirement is more than human beings are capable of, if one leaves out Faith in Christ.
I as a man cannot hold myself to a single committed relationship throughout an entire lifetime with one single woman, unless I hold to the principles of sacramental union as laid down by Our Lord Himself. History as our guide is rife with cultures which prove such a stance Females as a class were, and still are in many places (the United States included) considered possessions ; used, traded, collected, purchased, rented and discarded when circumstances dictate it. Only Catholic Christianity, adhering to the very words of Christ, call men to a higher order, “love your wives as Christ loves the Church” Forever, once and for all, no exceptions to the rule. If man can put away his wife, then Christ can put away His Church- which makes God a dissembler; the one thing He is not, for if God is anything He is faithful and true to His word.
As my children used to say, “If this is torture, then nail me to the wall”