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IF A+A=2A;


Just recently I was explaining the importance of basic algebra to my students in one of my classes. Algebra is a critical set of concepts that we all take for granted in our daily lives; it involves a goodly dose of reason, combined with facts, integrating them with a set of doctrinal principles. These are all combined to approach certain truths that can be expressed over a wide spectrum of both mathematics and daily living. For instance, if we consider the above thesis, we can a safely assume that it is a consistent solution which can be applied across all reality, A and B being two distinct individual entities, such as; A=apples and B = alligators.

Consistent, Reasonable, Applicable, Rational; The very foundations of the scientific philosophies that undergird our civilization–Until now.

 Thanks to the abandonment of these foundations by political pressures, and the technically insane sociopathic ideals and behavior of current Western thought, we have a new paradigm to incorporate into this age old set of ideas.

IF A+A=2A, and B+B=2B;


 The consequences of this altered state of thought, while certainly destructive in the narrow application when it comes to homosexual “marriage”, is sure to complete the dissolution of the  foundations of present civilization- not just the keystone of the arch, which it is directed against.

 In closing, some paraphrased quotes from antiquity:

 “So, Mr. Franklin, what kind of government are we to have?”

 “A Republic, Madame- if you can keep it.”

  Thomas Jefferson; “Indeed I tremble for my country when I recognize that God is Just.”

 Lastly an ancient Chinese curse;

“May you live in interesting times.”


The End of the String– Selective Procreation

Atheist Press (AP). It was a morning like any other when Doris Macaulay had her inspiration which subsequently has swept through the hallowed halls of higher academia, altering the major constructs of philosophy. “It just seemed to me to make sense” Doris modestly asserts, “I don’t know what all the fuss is about, but I am glad that people are finally starting to feel the way I do.”  Doris is a High School History and Ethics teacher in a bustling metropolis on the West Coast. For years she had been wrestling with certain ideas pertaining to right and wrong, being part of her “professional development” as she likes to put it.

 “Grading papers has an ethereal quality about it, and I like to try and enter an altered state in order to try and truly see what my students wish to convey, regardless of the outmoded constructs of western thought, which is so passé“. Doris, a single mom of three, rises to almost any challenge; juggling her offspring with her career has been one of those problems she has overcome .  “My children love their daycare providers, and every evening when I get to finally see them as they lay sleeping, I feel so fulfilled, because now I can really see that I am making a difference in their future, and the future of so many others like them.”

 Doris has quantified the next step in our brave new world and has been the acclaimed leader in the political/social movement started by her followers. “We must be bold and unswerving in our quest for acceptability among those who wish to destroy or hurt us—we will soon be mainstream, just like our pioneer brothers and sisters in the fight for freedom, equality and justice”.  It is not just Doris either; some of the most respected and intelligent beacons of light and reason are rallying to her cause. Peter Singer, the renowned Princeton professor, is said to be sympathetic to her cause: “Selective Procreation.”  “None of us can count on the vagaries of romance, lust or compatibility to advance the onward march of the coming generations” is her rationale. “Lust can be channeled thanks to the recent legalization of the sex worker industry in the United States, and with our wondrous capability for innovation and creativity, there can be no end to the exciting pursuit of physical pleasure.  We can prevent every unwanted pregnancy, but now it is time for us to mandate legally the act of child bearing… after all, since the government raises every child now, it has a vested interest in who it is going to raise.”

Even now the pioneers of this movement are setting up genetic panels in each State to give the citizens access to the latest mating data. Thanks to the recent interest in genealogy, superior lines can be identified and paired with their corresponding best match. “We have been doing this with animals for generations, it is time we take the leap to the Human Race “, intones Doris. “Margaret Sanger has nothing on Doris!” gushes one of her most ardent acolytes. “Just think; a world of beautiful, healthy smart people- no more stupid people, or stupid ideas!”

 Doris is not finished there; her next project, kept under wraps for fear of a “population not quite ready for such a revolution in human history”, is rumored to be a type of cleansing and expropriation of those genetic lines determined to be going nowhere. With all of her new ideas, it might be thought that Doris is bereft of a spiritual side; not at all. Doris considers herself a Faithful Catholic and attends services at least once a year.  “The Church is beauty, and we can dispense of beauty can we? After all, a few misogynist men throughout the course of the millennia are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the force of new ideas and new ways of expressing humanity”. Doris points out that while the Catholic Church she professes to belong to may be outmoded, she states that,” Paul IV  and John Paul II were just misguided old men; well-meaning but misguided; Humanae Vitae?… Are you serious?”


Gas masks for Canaries


They used to tell stories of  old time coal miners when I was a kid, and how the mines were at times inundated with seeping, deadly  mine gas—especially in the labor intensive, primitive coal mines that were so prevalent many years ago. Coal seams emit a colorless, odorless, and heavier than air toxic gas in mines, which now is abated by powerful ventilation systems. Many miners would perish from the gas- not such a positive force for profit if you are a mine owner or- for happiness if you were a miner. Someone came up with the idea of bringing canaries into the mines with the miners. Canaries are very sensitive to toxic mine gas; and when exposed to it the birds would sicken and die before the miners would notice anything amiss. The miners would know that it was time to skedaddle- they would evacuate, the gas was dealt with, and after some testing the miners would return when everything was safe. Great for all involved; unless you were a canary.

The canary was an early warning alarm, letting miners know when conditions became dangerous for human life.  The canaries were sensors if you will, and through the inventiveness of modern man society has become full of such sensors (today they are almost always mechanical).  Circuit breakers inside structural power panels for example: when a potentially dangerous electrical surge runs through the lines, the circuit breakers trip, cutting off the supply of electricity in order to prevent injury.  With smoke alarms you assume you will see the smoke… but by the time it is visible it is often too late to save everyone; so smoke alarms detect smoke before a person is able to.

These modern safety sensors work precisely because they are more sensitive to danger than the people they are designed to protect; just as a canary once did- it would not do for a smoke alarm to trip only after the smoke was so thick you would be overcome. The canary in the old coal mines worked, as they died from the poison gas before humans would be affected by it and the miners would take notice: but what if the mine owners or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Canaries forced the government into providing gas masks for canaries? Where would that leave the miners?

  Now here is the leap: while I will be the first to admit that there are far more spiritual advantages to be gained by Moral law, it cannot be denied that there are many tangible temporal advantages to be gained by the adherence to the Moral Authority of Jesus Christ and the teaching authority of His Church. That is why Our Lord put His Canaries into the system. What is the danger to the living when death comes to the unborn? What is the danger to family, when there are no strings to sexual activity? What indeed are the dangers to humanity when we now act like animals? Paul VI answered these posits 40 some odd years ago and was branded anathema. Some of us moan, “What has God wrought?”

I say, what has man wrought, now that the Canaries all have gas masks?

The Problem with Proof Texts part 2


Supper was over, and a few went on night guard, but the rest stretched out on our bedrolls and built smokes; we decided to explore at leisure Lutes epiphany. First thing we did was to try and get to the bottom of just what in the world this here avian oddity looked like—and off he went again like a man who had swallowed a pound of chili peppers and then tried to put out the fire by flapping his gums. The description he gave was sketchy at best, but then while we were shooting him down he jumped up and ran to his pack saddle. “I’ll show you just what I am talking about!!” Out from his pack he drew a long willowy thing, like a skinny two handed Scottish claymore.
It was a feather. About three feet long, and well, it was FEATHERY all along the edges with this beautiful round eye shaped end on it. Blue and purple, yellow and red, all at once—indeed it was about the prettiest thing I had ever seen and it come off of what sounded like an overstuffed chicken. “It is covered with these things all over! I tell you; just let them grow and then pluck ‘em off when you want one, or a slew of ’em. After that you can eat the bird when you are done with the feathers. They taste just like Gods own Sunday Dinner running in the streets of Golden Jerusalem!!!” After that soliloquy, Lute had to stop for a bit and catch his breath.

After a smoke and a short rest, Luther began again in earnest to convince us of his singular and unique discovery, along with the concomitant consequences which were sure to flow from such novelty. Unfortunately for him however, no matter how hard he tried, he could not quite seem to get his central ideas across about these “peacocks” as he called them. After a bit of cogitating Lute jumped up and snapped his fingers; “Why it’s been staring me right in the face the whole time, and I did not understand it– I really did not understand it at all; but now I do! Look right here, all of you… This right here, is all I or anyone else needs to see and contemplate to realize the fullness off peacock truth in its essence and glory!” Thus Luther Martin raised his right arm to heaven and held up above his head that long singular wand of a feather for all to contemplate.

“This one thing; this single feather not only proves the truth of peacocks, but it validates and authenticates all I have been telling you about these bodacious critters and how through me, they will change the face of civilization. This one feather is all ANYONE needs to understand all there is to know about Peacockery. With this feather, all questions can be answered and all problems solved when it comes to everything AVIAN. Why, it is as plain as the nose on your face, pards!”


We are at war.

Just as with every other staid Dominion, it has come upon us seemingly unaware; and we have taken far too long to realize:

a. It is to the bitter end.

b. We are losing

Each realm has its hierarchy, and when faced with conquest it is crucial they change rapidly from a peacetime institution into one fully geared to fight. The parade ground officers of peacetime, those with the pedigrees, resumes, and sharpest uniform creases must be identified and reassigned accordingly. Those with the willingness to risk all, assault, counterattack and never concede must be brought up through the ranks fast and turned loose upon the enemy.

Labeled a disheveled drunkard (and God forbid, a family man), Ulysses Grant became a man overwhelmed with revisionist visions of historical nincompoopery. How did such a statistical cipher attain his place in history? How indeed! By winning, that is how; capturing three armies and destroying one in the course of thirty months. As Abe Lincoln stated to Grants detractors, “I cannot spare this man, He fights!”.

Our Lord recently raised more than a General Grant:  a Deborah. Mother Angelica- raised up as much to chastise as to lead us. We, the techno-wondrous relativists of the ages should not be so much proud of her as chagrined; Our Almighty Father must resort to a Cloistered nun to rouse and lead the rest of us.Mothers time at the front has passed. Her mighty shadow still hovers over the fray, yet who now is willing to plant themselves before the ranks crying, “follow Him!” Who now will risk calumny, dishonor and failure for the Cross of Christ?

 The early Christians did so in droves. They lived, professed, suffered and died like flies; thence a civilization arose. Later Christians took their ease; quarreling and then rebelling as the immature siblings they were, rending their house asunder to everlasting shame and regret. Christians today throughout the world live, profess, suffer and once again die like flies… so that those of us may now live like flies? We with the most to offer, give up the least, and that grudgingly.

At the end of WWII the Nazis were producing more weapons in a month than they could previously in entire years; what they ran out of was soldiers. Here now at the end of the age, we produce more “stuff” now in a day than we used to in a year. we as well are in danger of running out of soldiers; losing saints at a prodigious rate upon every front to heresy, apostasy and death. Drop your wallets. Go to your knees. Grasp your rosary and fight. To those who doubt, listen perhaps to someone better acquainted with combat, Napoleon Bonaparte; “In war, Morale is to Materiel as Three is to One”

It is not Uncle Sam saying, “We want You!”

   It is the Holy Trinity.


Saint Joan of Arc

A martyr is a witness; a witness gives testimony to truth regardless of the consequences. I testify that the country I love has a society that is at War with the God that I adore, Jesus Christ; and with His Holy Church.

I testify that it is no longer prudent nor is it praiseworthy to sit quietly by as the Mystical Body of Christ is subjected to death by a thousand cuts; that appeasement and conciliation with evil is counter-productive, and a stain upon my immortal soul.

I testify to my defiance of the culture and society of the United States in both word and deed in matters of Faith and Morals. The last two societies that fought against Christ and His Holy Church were obliterated; yet this present one has chosen to take up the selfsame cause of rebellion and apostasy: can the result be any different?

Abortion is not just mere murder; it is human sacrifice upon a scope and scale that has no equal throughout all of the most bestial episodes of human history.

Marriage is not a contract between two consenting adults; it is a covenant between a man and a woman before the face of Almighty God.

How can it be that a civilization as mighty as this one, is to be torn asunder by truths as obvious yet scorned as these? Those who pilot the tiller have run us all aground.

You who have abandoned yourselves to lust have sown the wind; soon we ALL shall reap the whirlwind.