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Culling the Herd

When my dad decided to turn the outfit over to me, I thought at first his head was going to explode. You see for the last thirty years, and for forty years before him, the philosophy on this ranch was to keep as many cows as the range would support, with the idea that more cows meant more calves, and more calves meant more money in our pockets. However soon as I was old enough to check the range, I began to notice a few things. First of all in the quest for maximum numbers, we were cutting corners on the quality of the females we were keeping for replacement stock; conformity went by the wayside, and we were ending up with all shapes and sizes of cows, resulting in a very uneven and unpredictable set of calves for market. The result being instead of top dollar at the sales, cattle buyers were beginning to bid way less for the calves we offered– and our overall income began to shrink. This led to overstocking the range with even more inferior cows to make up the lost returns.
A vicious cycle; subtle at first but breaking out in full bloom about twenty years ago. We found ourselves in a huge, deadly bind. Poor cows led to poor calves, leading to even poorer cows being introduced; degrading our end product even further. All of a sudden, another problem arose: cows that weren’t even fertile, and went year after year not even breeding- we even had cows so sorry that they would not mother the calves they DID have, and the calves would be found dead on the prairie from starvation or downright abuse. Things still devolved from bad to worse; we did not have the money for decent bulls, and the quality of our calf crop dropped even further, as we went shopping for “anything that had horns and balls” as my wife would complain. Very soon, when I took over, things hit bottom.
Our banker of the last few decades retired, and they hired a new fellow fresh out of banker school. He had pouffy hair and shiny slippers for shoes; a real dandy- but some of the things he told us were very true, and he backed up his observations with action. “Boys “ he started, “I know I am new, and you will probably hate me for saying this, but your business is a wreck; your expenses keep rising and your income is spinning down the drain- in a few more years we will not finance you for operation, unless you begin to turn things around…. NOW.”
That is when my dad’s neck turned purple, and I knew that when it reached his eyes it would not be a pretty sight; but I was relieved because I was in charge now, and I was in complete agreement with the new bag of money sitting in front of us. I knew exactly what to do- it was going to hurt in the short run, but in the long run it was our only way to survive. It was time to cull the herd.
First to go were the cows who did not calve; next the ones that would abuse or starve their calves by being poor mothers. Next were the cows that did not conform to the way a cow should perform in terms of efficiency and in terms of overall appearance—uniformity is critical when it comes to producing a predictable growth set of calves that will outperform their counterparts: for a calf is no calf unless it does what it is supposed to do- grow fast and efficiently and produce red meat for the consumer.
The herd was tight and right; but it hurt -our calf crop was cut in half. However our net income was only cut by 40%- and that was in the first year. The weirdest thing was, my dad was most upset when he went to town, and had to listen to the coffee coolers talk about how the great Gut Hook outfit was now smaller than their neighbors…. It seems perception to some was more important than production and survivability. But not to me and the family; a smaller, bust superior set of cattle was going to slowly expand and fill back up to where it was decades ago; the best ranch in the valley, with reputation livestock and an outfit that we could be proud of, while others would try to emulate. We were on our way, and the pain of our past catching up to us, was in the end the best thing that could have ever happened.



We are at war.

Just as with every other staid Dominion, it has come upon us seemingly unaware; and we have taken far too long to realize:

a. It is to the bitter end.

b. We are losing

Each realm has its hierarchy, and when faced with conquest it is crucial they change rapidly from a peacetime institution into one fully geared to fight. The parade ground officers of peacetime, those with the pedigrees, resumes, and sharpest uniform creases must be identified and reassigned accordingly. Those with the willingness to risk all, assault, counterattack and never concede must be brought up through the ranks fast and turned loose upon the enemy.

Labeled a disheveled drunkard (and God forbid, a family man), Ulysses Grant became a man overwhelmed with revisionist visions of historical nincompoopery. How did such a statistical cipher attain his place in history? How indeed! By winning, that is how; capturing three armies and destroying one in the course of thirty months. As Abe Lincoln stated to Grants detractors, “I cannot spare this man, He fights!”.

Our Lord recently raised more than a General Grant:  a Deborah. Mother Angelica- raised up as much to chastise as to lead us. We, the techno-wondrous relativists of the ages should not be so much proud of her as chagrined; Our Almighty Father must resort to a Cloistered nun to rouse and lead the rest of us.Mothers time at the front has passed. Her mighty shadow still hovers over the fray, yet who now is willing to plant themselves before the ranks crying, “follow Him!” Who now will risk calumny, dishonor and failure for the Cross of Christ?

 The early Christians did so in droves. They lived, professed, suffered and died like flies; thence a civilization arose. Later Christians took their ease; quarreling and then rebelling as the immature siblings they were, rending their house asunder to everlasting shame and regret. Christians today throughout the world live, profess, suffer and once again die like flies… so that those of us may now live like flies? We with the most to offer, give up the least, and that grudgingly.

At the end of WWII the Nazis were producing more weapons in a month than they could previously in entire years; what they ran out of was soldiers. Here now at the end of the age, we produce more “stuff” now in a day than we used to in a year. we as well are in danger of running out of soldiers; losing saints at a prodigious rate upon every front to heresy, apostasy and death. Drop your wallets. Go to your knees. Grasp your rosary and fight. To those who doubt, listen perhaps to someone better acquainted with combat, Napoleon Bonaparte; “In war, Morale is to Materiel as Three is to One”

It is not Uncle Sam saying, “We want You!”

   It is the Holy Trinity.


Saint Joan of Arc

A martyr is a witness; a witness gives testimony to truth regardless of the consequences. I testify that the country I love has a society that is at War with the God that I adore, Jesus Christ; and with His Holy Church.

I testify that it is no longer prudent nor is it praiseworthy to sit quietly by as the Mystical Body of Christ is subjected to death by a thousand cuts; that appeasement and conciliation with evil is counter-productive, and a stain upon my immortal soul.

I testify to my defiance of the culture and society of the United States in both word and deed in matters of Faith and Morals. The last two societies that fought against Christ and His Holy Church were obliterated; yet this present one has chosen to take up the selfsame cause of rebellion and apostasy: can the result be any different?

Abortion is not just mere murder; it is human sacrifice upon a scope and scale that has no equal throughout all of the most bestial episodes of human history.

Marriage is not a contract between two consenting adults; it is a covenant between a man and a woman before the face of Almighty God.

How can it be that a civilization as mighty as this one, is to be torn asunder by truths as obvious yet scorned as these? Those who pilot the tiller have run us all aground.

You who have abandoned yourselves to lust have sown the wind; soon we ALL shall reap the whirlwind.