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I well understand that there is a huge amount of debate about the “abomination of desolation” quote (above in Hebrew). Opinions are as varied as snowflakes; yet even snowflakes have familiar constructive elements. So does this term; elements that everyone basically agrees on, but I think in light if recent events, elements that are being missed, and missed badly.

The “abomination of desolation” erected in the “Temple” is to be a sign of the beginnings of a cataclysm that heralds the end of an age in the world. One example of this was the profanation of the second Jewish Temple by the Romans before  the end of Historic Judaism, ushering in Rabbinical Judaism and The new covenant of Jesus Christ and His Church. (For all you hairsplitters, go ahead and start your dirges, I am going to get worse!)

What is a Temple? A Temple is where God Himself lives. That is what the Jewish Temple was designed for, a place for the Lord to live with His people. There is only one example of this left in the world; Catholic Churches where Jesus Christ in his full Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity reside entire throughout the world. What is the “abomination of desolation”? It is an idol of a demon, for there is no other God in the Universe. Therefore any representation of a supernatural being besides the Lord or his servants the Angels is a Demon.

Where pray tell has this ever occurred with the blessings of  Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and The Successor of Peter in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, in its history?  Christs Bride; besmirched and sullied by Christs ministers–all white on the outside but filled with dead mens’ bones. Beamed into every dwelling on the planet, where the world can see: Hypocrisy,  Heresy, Profanation and Apostasy. And all this with nary a murmur from the human race. I feel like I am actually living inside the novel The Lord of the World.

May God forgive us. May God forgive us? Or rather may God execute judgement upon us in His infinite Mercy. No there will not be Hell to pay for this:

There will be Heaven to pay for this.


The Limits of Reason


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I am not a theologian. I am most certainly not  Thomist. I am a layman. I am not elegant, not a rhetorician, nor am I able to use words to obfuscate or confuse. I am a poor slob in the pews who has no hierarchical or liturgical rights. I am however in possession of a mind and rudimentary discernment. I know the difference between right and wrong, truth and error, regardless how it is cloaked. I also know that the richer the raiment, the more likely the error, for sheep never dress up as wolves, but wolves never hesitate to wear fancy dress and use fancy words. I as a Catholic, also recognize the role of human reason to discern Truth.. I also as a Catholic recognize that human reason has a strictly defined limit, and that limit is Divine Revelation. Upon the bridge between Human Reason and Divine Revelation is a great and terrible Angelic messenger, standing at arms and stating four chilling words to a true Catholic,


 It is prudent to heed these words, for one of the greatest weapons of the enemy is to plug our ears so we continue on our way towards error and damnation, and worse to lead others down this path as well. Listen closely Shepard’s of Christs flock. Sophistry and erudition, and the love of obscure statements that lead fools to adulation are the very foundation of Lucifer’s triumph in Eden.

Human reason and the love of self has led some of us to propose that there is no legitimacy for permanent punishment on earth. This reasoning leads to the next obvious conclusion sought by HE WHO IS NOT; namely there is no permanent punishment beyond earth; that there is no Eternal Damnation. This will come out of the mouth of those who refuse to believe in Jesus Christ and His Father, who have decreed otherwise. Any other Gospel which is preached other than Divine revelation, is from the mouth of Satan; and we should pray for those who speak these things, and flee from them as St. John fled from the heretic in the baths in Ephesus.



My Letter to Bishop Barron

August 25, 2019

Dear Bishop Barron,

Let me preface this letter with two points. First and foremost, I am a layman; secondly I do not expect this letter to ever reach you, nor do I expect a reply. I write this letter under inspiration- one can only assume it is an inspiration due to anger; however there is a very slight chance that perhaps it  may be the Holy spirit.

I have read your Letter to the Suffering Church ; it was handed out after Mass today. Our Priest, a reverent and saintly man asked us to take one and read it; however when I asked him if he had read it he said he said no. Therefore it must have been a directive from the Diocese. On this I have a few comments. First that you have the courage to address this beyond your own Diocese, which I commend. Second, that our own diocese has NOT had the courage to address this; either publicly through channels or privately through response to letters (14 at least from my own hand).

-Silence-…. Not the silence of humility Our Lord, but the haughty condescending silence one gives an impertinent servant that asks for an explanation of why he is being used so poorly. Nevertheless you have stepped in and done your best, for a shepherd who has other more important things to do than to tend his sick flock. As an aside, perhaps all Spiritual shepherds must be reminded of what all of us real life stockmen learned very quickly when pasturing sheep- the four S’s—Sick Sheep Seldom Survive.

Now on to your letter. Your scriptural and historical allusions were wonderful and timely. Perhaps in a later time they would be considered inspiring and even regarded as prophetic; the one person and quote you did not mention was Athanasius , “the floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops” ( I like that one). I found your description of He who is Not apt but untimely; after all, Pope Francis’ former boss has just informed us that Lucifer does not truly exist (WHEW!!).

I pity all of the clergy; those who are faithful and orthodox due to the stripes they receive unjustly today and all the rest for ending up as floor tiles in Satan’s new additions to Hell, as he most certainly need to build. Yes, there has always been evil clergy, as Hollywood so likes to remind us- yet the last thing we need is a Bishop to tell us what we all know so well. We live in the world, you do not. We are deemed the fools of a depraved institution who cannot even see that we are guilty as co conspirators after the fact: this is how we are seen and treated in the world. Just try to be a member of the great unwashed, attempting to evangelize, being not just a member of the Church our Lord founded and swore to uphold, but to be told that, “after all Hitler was a Catholic!!”. Try that on for size Bishop.

Souls are being lost Bishop- Souls both Catholic and non Catholic; and this due to the hierarchy of our Churches damnable (and I mean damnable right through to the bone) behavior. For this I pity all clergy- you will all have to answer for the sins of your “brothers” as Eli answered for the sins of his sons. To top it all off, guess who gets to foot the bill for the activities of apostate and heretical “Princes of the Church”- the poor slobs in the pews who are being milked to death like a poor cow being sucked dry 24 hours a day every day. “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken”, the Brits used to say during the Blitz in WW2. Well Bishop, we are weakening: Sick Sheep Seldom Survive.

I read and watch the coverage’s of the USCCB conferences and I see hundreds of Neroes fiddling while Rome burns (we don’t need to go down this rabbit hole boys, let’s talk about carbon emissions!). Well now do we rue the fact that seminaries eliminate strong men early on and promote weak yes men to ordination; yours is an engine of company design and desire: one that has no compression or spark, hence no combustion or power.

I tell people that if they want to know what kind of men were the Apostles to watch the show Deadliest Catch- those are the type of men that Christ chose to convert the world! Twelve hard, demanding tough, stubborn resilient men who built His Church, giving it over to effeminate elitists that are going to lose it all if something does not change. The 2002 Conference despite your spin was a joke, carefully crafted as such, as events bear out. The programs now in place such as “Safe and Secure” in our Diocese are pure CYA garbage that do nothing but make sure that the church is not held financially accountable when these things happen again; and happen they will. The foxes run the hen house most assuredly and even use the “new norms” a  tool to persecute and remove those who sound alarms; may I mention Cardinal Pell?

When I took your book, it was with trepidation and doubt; in truth I suspect any cleric who has celebrity status in the world for obvious reasons. Nonetheless with a hope against hope I searched for boldness and courage. It is appreciated that you offer us consolation hand and voice during our Churches trial- yet perhaps one should really try to slay the wolf that is tearing our limbs off, the bar the doors and windows before mopping our brows. It is assumed by some that our Bishops seem so oblivious to what is going on because they are afraid of Schism. Just between you, me and a fence post, it is pretty obvious that very soon there will not be anything left to Schis.

We are under a final (I believe ) Babylonian Captivity: not French Nobles who have kidnapped the Church, but effeminate new age materialists (wait a second… same girl, different dress?) while we all wait for somebody In the Hierarchy to heed the call of Saint Catherine once again, “return to Rome and shepherd your flock before it is too late!!”.

Remember, Sick Sheep Seldom Survive.

Yours with the highest esteem for a successor to the Apostles,

John Spizziri

Box 128

Ryegate Montana  59074


I tried to find an address for Bishop Barron, but one cannot contact him as there is no address either at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles or as Word on Fire ministries. Hence this entry. to my blog.


I am a Catholic. Do what you will.

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I am a Catholic. I am a member of the Universal Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, and organized by His successor and representative on Earth; Simon Peter and the Apostles. I adhere to the beliefs put forward in the Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed and Athanasian Creed. I believe in the Historical Church that is a living and vital outgrowth of these  early times. I believe in the Mass and I “do this in memory of Me” as I have been directed by Jesus Christ Himself; for I believe in Scripture, which says one must eat His Body and Drink His Blood in order to have everlasting life. I believe in Salvation through Christ and Christ alone and that He was and still is both man and God. I believe in the Holy Scriptures, which state that “the pillar and foundation of truth is the Church.

I do not believe this because any of it is easy; for it is not. I do not believe this because it will make me richer, more popular, or make my life easy; for it does not do any of these things. It makes my life harder, poorer, lonelier and more difficult.

I believe in the Catholic Church and its claims via Jesus Christ- because it is all True.

I believe in the office of Bishop and its Sanctity; yet I do not believe the Bishops. I believe in the Petrine Office and its Sanctity, but I do not believe the Pope. I believe in the teaching authority of Holy Mother Church, but I do not believe the integrity nor the motives of those who teach. I believe in the  office of the Priesthood, yet I do not believe the Priests.

Pope Paul VI once said that the smoke of Satan has entered the Church through some fissure or crack. I believe this. I believe the Prophesies that the Church will be crucified; for it is the Mystical Body of Christ, and just like our Master, the Crucified Body will die and be raised again.

I have been lied to. I have been stolen from. I have been betrayed. All of this has been done by those who are in charge of caring for my Holy Mother, as they pound nails into Her hands and feet. Soon She will be hoisted up upon Her Cross, and all the world will jeer at Her, while only a pitiful few will refrain from running away. I will not run. I will not hide. I will not deny Her. I will kneel at the foot of Her Cross and watch Her be tortured and watch Her die- Her who is all we have of Christ on earth… for She will be raised again.

I am a Catholic. Do what you will.

Letter to my Bishop -11

John Spizziri
Mon 12/3/2018, 1:43 PM
Diocese of Great Falls-Billings
Dear Bishop Warfel,
 Hopefully you are fully aware of the catastrophic decline in Church offerings at St Marys. While not on the Parish council, by keeping abreast of finances published in the bulletin and the announcements after Mass, at the current rate St Marys is less than two years away from financial insolvency. This of course is not to mention the “debt” the parish has “incurred” from not meeting its Diocesan assessments, amounting to over $66,000 as of this time if John Patersons figures are correct.
    I am most sure that the clerical scandals of this diocese and the way they were handled especially recently have resulted in this current situation; not to mention the devastation created throughout the Universal Church in the United States by men who hold Episcopal and Priestly office that have betrayed their vows and their Faith.
  Tidal waves start out so small out in the oceanic hinterlands; they are just an almost imperceptible swell in the surrounding deep. However as they approach the shoreline they show their true nature; a terrifying and unstoppable force unleashed far far away that has stupendous consequences as a result of them meeting a different medium; for water is incompressible and the force of it destroys all before it. Such is true with betrayal and denial.
 There will soon be no St Marys in Columbus, and I would assume any place else as well if these trends continue. The Faithful (such as we are) will be left with no Mass, no Sacraments and no liturgical consolations in our lives. Perhaps this is just the fate of all churches- Except Christ promised us all otherwise. the terrifying path that the Catholic Church hierarchy has proposed for the future is empty platitudes and rearguard actions of a defeated force. What a shame.
 It is a pity that there are no individuals around that will not shrink from the laborious actions and humiliating labors that are needed to turn this catastrophe around. Such was Athanasius, and those of his ilk- I mean St Athanasius, not Bishop Athanasius who is now prevented by His Holiness from moving outside his diocese for preaching Orthodoxy.
 With all due respect to your office Bishop, (and this I mean in the most heartfelt sense) you must hear this: While you and your peers have proprietal and Sacramental Authority in the Church, You all have squandered your Moral Authority, and are well on Your way to losing Your Theological Authority with the Laity. This problem is painfully obvious out in the pews (not to mention among non Catholics), and it is a dilemma that at this time seems to be without a solution.
 I will continue praying for you and for the Pope and all of the Bishops and Clergy of our One, Holy and Apostolic Church.
 Regards, JOhn Spizziri

Letter to my Bishop -10

John Spizziri
Wed 11/21/2018, 7:34 PM
Diocese of Great Falls-Billings
There are people wondering how You Grace voted on the McCarrick proposal. May Our Lord guide You.

John Spizziri

Letter to my Bishop -9

John Spizziri
Sun 11/18/2018, 1:45 PM
Diocese of Great Falls-Billings
Just a heads up your Grace; many followed the Baltimore meeting and unfortunately for the hierarchy, This incident did nothing but shine a light on the weaknesses of Our Lords Bishops. I find it interesting that Pope Francis thinks it’s ok for Bishops in Germany to Synodally determine whether or not non Catholics can receive Eucharist, yet US Bishops cannot even police their own conduct. No matter the reasoning, any conclusion wreaks havoc on the credibility of all concerned.
Things are not well in the Church , as you may be aware. I assume the worst, as many of us in the pews do also. Now is the time for men to declare where they stand. I stand with Christ and His teaching, and the Magesterium of His Church. The innovations and modifications of the recent past reek of heterodoxy, and this bill will come due.
May Our Lord Bless and guide you in Your office.
John Spizziri